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Frontiers in Ocean Engineering

ISSN: 2790-2706

The development of ocean engineering and technology has brought about continuous progress in ocean exploitation, and promoted the comprehensive development and utilization of ocean resources. Ocean exploitation and utilization mainly include: exploitation of ocean resources, utilization of ocean space, utilization of ocean energy, coastal protection, ocean construction and survey, etc.

The journal Ocean Engineering is a highly professional scientific journal which mainly publishes academic papers on offshore engineering, coastal engineering, and underwater diving and salvages technology, ocean energy utilization, etc., focuses on technology trends, and carries out discussion and technical exchanges. It includes ocean engineering research, design, experiment, production, use, management, etc. The target readers are engineers and technicians in the field of ocean engineering.

Original articles related to ocean engineering, such as coastal engineering, offshore engineering and deep-sea engineering are welcomed, especially papers on market research of ocean engineering industry and in-depth interpretation of enterprise development environment and demand trend.