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AI-driven 6G Future Mobile Communication Technology

Published Date: March 25th 2024

Page Length: 429

Language: English

ISBN: 978-1-80053-768-2

Price: £42.90


According to the development law of the communication industry, "one generation for use, one for construction, and one for research and development". 5G base stations have been deployed on a large scale around the world, indicating the maturity and commercialization of 5G technology, and the wave of 6G research is sweeping. At present, with the advancement of 6G research in the industry, new progress has been made in the vision, application scenarios and basic performance indicators of 6G communication. Compared with the current 5G network, the 6G network will be further integrated with technologies such as big data, AI and blockchain to develop towards a more intelligent direction. In order to solve the demand for wireless communication transmission in the highly intelligent, highly digital and highly information society in the future, the 6G mobile communication network will usher in a huge improvement in the dimension and breadth of wireless connections. 

This book is based on this background to carry out research, taking mobile communication technology as the research object, combining AI, 6G technology and other aspects to analyze the enlightenment and guidance brought by Cantonese business culture. The first chapter of this book mainly introduces the research on the development of 6G in the future mobile communication technology driven by AI. The second chapter mainly introduces the AI-driven 6G communication technology. The 6G communication network will achieve breakthrough improvements in transmission rate, spectral efficiency, delay and coverage. The third chapter is to introduce terahertz wireless communication technology, which is considered to be one of the key technologies of 6G mobile communication. The fourth chapter is to study the antenna design of 6G, and the antenna system has been applied to most communication devices. The fifth chapter mainly studies the 6G-oriented network communication security. Combining the characteristics and development of 6G technology, based on the application of mobile communication technology, it proposes how to better solve the 6G network information dissemination and related application security issues.

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