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ChatGPT in Engineering Education: Interdisciplinary Knowledge Transfer and Teaching Improvement

Published Date: March 10th 2024

Page Length: 469

Language: English

ISBN: 978-1-80053-775-0

Price: £48.00


This book aims to delve into the application of ChatGPT in engineering education and its impact. Research on knowledge transfer in engineering education from a theoretical perspective, analyze how ChatGPT empowers digital transformation in vocational education, and explore grassroots teaching organization research in interdisciplinary engineering education. On this basis, further in-depth research will be conducted on the principles and technologies of ChatGPT, including key technologies in natural language processing, Transformer models in AIGC technology, and the architecture of ChatGPT technology. 

This book also focuses on the implementation research of interdisciplinary education courses, analyzes the problems in the implementation process of interdisciplinary courses, explores the reform models and institutional integration mechanisms of interdisciplinary education, and explores the construction of interdisciplinary courses in universities under the background of new liberal arts. These studies provide important background and theoretical basis for understanding the transformation of ChatGPT in engineering education. 

One of the core contents of this book is ChatGPT's analysis of the transformation of engineering education. This article delves into how ChatGPT drives the transformation of higher education teaching, analyzes the correlation between technological change and educational transformation, and elaborates in detail on how ChatGPT promotes the knowledge reconstruction of engineering education, as well as the implementation path of engineering education and technological self-reliance. 

Finally, this book also considers the teaching improvement of ChatGPT in engineering education. Analyzed the educational and teaching reform based on ChatGPT technology, studied the construction and transmission path of design knowledge system for engineering innovation, and improved applied undergraduate practical teaching under the background of engineering education certification. These studies not only provide practical application cases of ChatGPT in engineering education, but also indicate the future development direction of engineering education. 

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