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Research on Pan Cancer Species: From Basic to Clinical

Published Date: March 1th 2024

Page Length: 446

Language: English

ISBN: 978-1-80053-778-1

Price: £46.00


This book aims to systematically introduce the basic knowledge, pathology and genomics research, pathway identification methods, diversified needs analysis of cancer patients, and clinical applications and cutting-edge technologies in the field of pan cancer research. The first chapter will provide readers with a comprehensive framework of cancer basic knowledge from the definition and classification of cancer, treatment methods, analysis of drug resistance and biomarkers, and related pathogenesis. Chapter 2 will focus on the pathological and genomic research of cancer, including the histological and cellular characteristics of cancer, the molecular pathology of cancer, and the importance and technical methods of genomics. Chapter 3 will introduce cancer pathway recognition methods, covering GNA based pan cancer common pathway recognition methods, multi omics based cancer collaborative driving pathway recognition methods, and gene inclusion relationship oriented cancer driving pathway recognition methods. Chapter 4 will explore the diversified needs and coping strategies of cancer patients from the perspectives of the theory of diversified needs, needs analysis, and practical paths to achieve patient needs. The final chapter will focus on the clinical applications and cutting-edge technologies of pan cancer research, including the application of heat shock protein inhibitor APO in cancer photothermal therapy, the application of nanomedicines in cancer treatment, and the study of single-cell sequencing technology and cancer heterogeneity. 

This book aims to provide a systematic and comprehensive reference material for researchers, clinical doctors, and readers interested in cancer research, helping readers to gain a deeper understanding of the latest developments, related technologies and methods in pan cancer research, and providing scientific basis for the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of cancer. We believe that through continuous research on pan cancer species, we will be able to better understand the mechanisms of cancer occurrence, discover more accurate and effective treatment methods, and make greater contributions to improving the quality of life and survival rate of patients. 

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