Haiwen Wang

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International Journal of Sports Technology, 2020, 1(4); doi: 10.38007/IJST.2020.010401.

Innovation Research of the "Internet plus" Volleyball Teaching System under the Background of Information Age


Haiwen Wang

Corresponding Author:
Haiwen Wang

Jilin Engineering Normal University, Jinlin, China


Due to the rapid development of internet technology, big data, artificial intelligence, multimedia and other new network technologies are updated and iterated rapidly, and all walks of life have an increasingly urgent demand for information technology. As a base for teaching and cultivating talents, schools should adapt to the development of the times and make full use of information technology for teaching activities. For example, "Internet plus" can be used for innovation in school teaching mode. This paper mainly introduces the innovation research of the "Internet plus" volleyball teaching system under the background of network information age. This paper analyzes the influence of "Internet plus" on the teaching mode in universities and colleges, and studies how to use the "Internet plus" to change the teaching mode of Volleyball in universities. The results of this paper show that the "Internet plus" volleyball teaching is a new teaching system that is united and common. It helps to break the traditional volleyball teaching mode in universities and colleges, and improve the single teaching form, the limitation of time and space, and so on. The confidence interval of SPSS17.0 is 0.96. The use of multimedia in the "Internet plus" volleyball teaching system improves the volleyball performance of students, and promotes the smooth progress of Volleyball Teaching in Colleges and universities.


Internet Information, Internet Plus, Volleyball, Volleyball Teaching, Course Scheduling Model

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Haiwen Wang. Innovation Research of the "Internet plus" Volleyball Teaching System under the Background of Information Age. International Journal of Sports Technology (2020), Vol. 1, Issue 4: 37-50.


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