Remonti Lioegu

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International Journal of Art Innovation and Development, 2020, 1(3); doi: 10.38007/IJAID.2020.010301.

Reform Strategy of Product Quick Question Design Based on Innovation and Entrepreneurship


Remonti Lioegu

Corresponding Author:
Remonti Lioegu

University of Punjab, Pakistan


Quick question design is a unique way of examination in interior design. It mainly refers to a design plan which can complete the design content in a certain time, and it can reflect the design content completely. Although fast problem design cannot fully reflect the true design level of the students, but from the whole, it can also reflect the students' creative and creative level and hands-on ability, and test the students' basic skills to master the basic skills. This paper mainly introduces the characteristics of the fast problem design course, analyzes the fast and good design and performance methods of the interior soft design, in order to construct the high quality classroom, so that the students can quickly grasp the core content of the fast problem in the interior soft design. Based on the teaching situation of product quick question design, the paper analyzes the existing problems in the current curriculum, and takes the innovation and entrepreneurship as the leading thought, and puts forward the ideas and Strategies of the reform in the design of material reserve, the cultivation of innovative thinking and the practice of quick question.


Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Quick Question Design, Reform

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Remonti Lioegu. Reform Strategy of Product Quick Question Design Based on Innovation and Entrepreneurship. International Journal of Art Innovation and Development (2020), Vol. 1, Issue 3: 1-7.


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