Farshid Hassani Bijarbooneh

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International Journal of Art Innovation and Development, 2020, 1(1); doi: 10.38007/IJAID.2020.010106.

Ways and Approaches to Cultivate Students' Creative and Entrepreneurial Ability in Art and Designing


Farshid Hassani Bijarbooneh

Corresponding Author:
Farshid Hassani Bijarbooneh

University of Clyde, UK


Innovation and entrepreneurship education has become a double focus of theoretical research and practical research in China's higher education and is considered as In the “Third Education Passport” of the 21st century, innovation and entrepreneurship education is an objective need to build an innovative country, improve education and teaching quality, and relieve employment pressure. Knowledge Economy Era and Industry The 4.0 era has brought about major changes in higher education. The innovative social form of advocating individualization, customization, digitalization, and sharing requires a large number of innovative and entrepreneurial talents. Fine arts colleges have the inherent advantages of innovation and entrepreneurship education, and are innovative and entrepreneurial. Talent training, technology transfer and results transformation have established close links with socio-economic development. Based on this background, this article starts with the fine arts and design majors of art academies, and aims at the current status of contemporary art and design innovation and entrepreneurship education. Through theoretical analysis, comparative analysis, and empirical analysis, this paper combines the reality of fine arts and design to explore innovative entrepreneurship education. The organizational model and operating mechanism, optimizing the art and design innovation and entrepreneurship education system, exploring the new development model of innovation and entrepreneurship education with the characteristics of art and design professional , and finally put forward the strategic direction of innovation and entrepreneurship education of the art and design professional.


Art Colleges, Fine Arts and Design, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Ways

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Farshid Hassani Bijarbooneh. Ways and Approaches to Cultivate Students' Creative and Entrepreneurial Ability in Art and Designing. International Journal of Art Innovation and Development (2020), Vol. 1, Issue 1: 62-70.


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