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Frontiers in Educational Psychology, 2021, 2(3); doi: 10.38007/JEP.2021.020302.

University Ideological Guidance Education and Student Mental Health Management System Based on Big Data


Jie Dong

Corresponding Author:
Jie Dong

Jiangxi Health Vocational College, Nanchang 330052, China


Ideological and political education is the fine tradition of our party. It is called the lifeline of all the party's work. It plays an important role in all walks of life and has a particularly significant impact on the field of education. With the rapid development of my country's socialist market economy and the continuous penetration of foreign cultures under the background of economic globalization, the spiritual world of college students has experienced unprecedented upheavals and transformations. As the most active and sensitive group in society, college students often have more keen insights into environmental changes and impacts, and these changes and impacts cause the most significant and intense fluctuations in their thoughts, and they are prone to confusion, confusion, and confusion. Feeling at a loss, worrying about one's own ability and future. The purpose of this article is to design and research the college I G E (I G E) and student M H (M H) management system based on big data (B D). This article uses B D to design and research the I G E and student M H management systems in colleges and universities. It can better help teachers in ideological and political education and teaching, and can more effectively guide students’ psychological problems and promote students’ M H. development of. This research systematically expounds the basic theories and core technologies of B D, and scientifically discusses it on the basis of our country's current college ideological and political counseling education and students' M H. Finally, analyze and research the management system based on B D. This experiment uses logical hierarchy method, era research method and mathematical statistics method to conduct research and analysis, making the experimental research data more scientific and effective. Experiments show that compared with traditional management systems, the application of B D-based I G E and student M H management systems in colleges and universities is more extensive and more feasible.


Big Data, Ideological Guidance Education, Mental Health, System Design

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Jie Dong. University Ideological Guidance Education and Student Mental Health Management System Based on Big Data. Frontiers in Educational Psychology (2021), Vol. 2, Issue 3: 9-17. https://doi.org/10.38007/JEP.2021.020302.


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