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Digital Signal Processing Technology for Real-time Compression of Satellite Remote Sensing Images

Published Date: June 30th 2024

Page Length: 476

Language: English

ISBN: 978-1-80053-751-4

Price: £48.00


This book is based on this background to conduct research, with digital signal processing technology as the research object. Combining satellite, remote sensing images, and compression technology, it analyzes the inspiration and guidance brought by digital signal processing technology for real-time compression of satellite remote sensing images. The first chapter of this book introduces digital signal processing techniques for satellite remote sensing images. High resolution satellite remote sensing images have the characteristics of high resolution and large data volume. Chapter 2 mainly introduces compression algorithms for satellite remote sensing images, which have certain error resistance. Chapter 3 mainly introduces the digital signal processing technology under remote sensing image compression. Digital signal processing has high efficiency and advanced features in both technical and equipment aspects. Chapter 4 is the study of digital signal processing technology in coherent optical communication systems. Digital signal processing technology can fully combine the advantages of both, ensuring that high-speed coherent optical transmission systems can maximize their own advantages, avoiding problems in signal conversion that limit their transmission speed and waste their advantages in signal restoration. Chapter 5 mainly introduces regional remote sensing image compression technology. Remote sensing data is obtained by reflecting electromagnetic waves from the same object in different bands, containing rich geographic information. Remote sensing data has been widely used in resource exploration, climate exploration, surveying and mapping, and other fields.

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