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Digital Media Art and AI

Published Date: July 10th 2024

Page Length: 417

Language: English

ISBN: 978-1-80053-760-6

Price: £48.00


This book focuses on exploring the intersection of digital media art and AI technology, starting with an introduction to the basic concepts of digital media art and the basic principles of AI technology, and delving into the role and application of AI in digital media art. The first part focuses on the fundamental knowledge of digital media art and AI technology, providing readers with a comprehensive understanding and comprehension of these two fields. The second part focuses on analyzing the specific applications of AI technology in artistic creation, discussing from the aspects of image and visual art, film and animation production, 3D modeling, music and sound art, to interactive art, and analyzing how AI can change and enrich the process and achievements of artistic creation. The final section focuses on challenges, ethics, and prospects, exploring the technical challenges and solutions that AI technology may face in digital media art, as well as the ethical, copyright, and social impacts it may bring. At the same time, the development direction and trend of future digital media art and AI technology are discussed, presenting readers with a dynamic and possible future landscape of digital art.

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