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Clinical Practice of Gynecological Tumors

Published Date: January 20th 2024

Page Length: 417

Language: English

ISBN: 978-1-80053-790-3

Price: £41.60


In this book, we focus on introducing the relevant theories and clinical practices of gynecological tumors. The first chapter of this book provides readers with a comprehensive understanding of gynecological tumors, including the definition, classification, and pathogenesis of gynecological tumors. At the same time, we also introduced relevant theoretical knowledge, such as tumor pathology, epidemiology and prevention, genetics and molecular biology, etc., building a solid theoretical foundation for readers. Chapter 2 provides a detailed introduction to the basic knowledge of gynecological tumors. Firstly, we have provided an overview of the pathology of gynecological tumors, including pathological types, histological features, pathological grading, and other aspects, so that readers can better understand the essence of tumors. Secondly, we focused on the epidemiology and prevention of gynecological tumors, introducing relevant risk factors and preventive measures, aiming to help readers understand the mechanisms and prevention methods of tumors. Finally, we also introduced the knowledge of genetics and molecular biology of gynecological tumors, including gene mutations, tumor markers, etc., providing readers with a deeper understanding. Chapter 3 analyzes gynecological tumors from the perspective of clinical practice. We conducted clinical analysis on emergency gynecological tumor patients, elderly gynecological tumor patients, FKBP38 protein gynecological tumor patients, and venous thrombosis associated with malignant tumors, and introduced relevant research progress. These contents aim to help doctors better cope with clinical challenges in different situations and provide targeted treatment plans. Chapter 4 mainly discusses the clinical analysis after gynecological tumor surgery. This article provides a detailed introduction to the issues of lower limb deep vein thrombosis, abdominal distension, and complications after pelvic lymph node dissection after gynecological tumor surgery, and proposes corresponding clinical research results. These contents aim to help medical staff better understand and manage postoperative complications, and improve the quality of life of patients. Chapter 5 explores the issues of gynecological tumor rehabilitation and quality of life. This section focuses on the role of postoperative rehabilitation nursing and psychological intervention in gynecological tumor rehabilitation, aiming to help medical staff pay more comprehensive attention to the physical and mental health of patients and improve their quality of life. 

This book aims to provide a systematic and comprehensive guide for the diagnosis and treatment of gynecological tumors for medical workers, helping them improve their clinical practice level and better respond to gynecological tumor related issues. We sincerely hope that this book can provide you with useful assistance and promote continuous progress in the field of gynecological oncology.

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