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The Role of Body Stability in Wushus Routine Athletes

Published Date: August 15th 2023

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As an ancient and profound traditional culture, Wushu has rich skills and connotations. Wushu is an excellent traditional culture of China and a unique national traditional sports event of the Chinese nation. Wushus routine is one of the core of Wushus movement. Wushus routine is a complete set of practice forms based on the laws of offensive and defensive movements such as advance and retreat, rapid movement and slow movement, rigid and soft virtual and real contradictory movements. In the Wushus movement, there are transitional movements, static pauses, fast moving movements, slow moving movements, and strong movements. There are also actions that reflect softness, the direction also has the conversion between virtual and real, and the motion range of the action has a size, and the conversion changes between these different actions reflect the distinct rhythm of the Wushus routine. In order to reflect the distinct rhythm changes of Wushus routines, athletes need to have good strength, speed, flexibility, sensitivity, endurance and other physical qualities, which is also the basic requirements for athletes' basic skills, special qualities and exercise techniques. 

However, in order to show comfortable skills and precise movements in Wushus routines, the stability of the body plays a crucial role. Body stability refers to the ability of the body to maintain balance and stability during movement. In the movement of Wushus routine, the stability of the body is not only reflected in the maintenance of posture, but also includes the control of power, the coordination of movements and the play of flexibility. Good body stability can enhance the stability and explosive power of the athletes, improve the accuracy and beauty of the technical movements, and let the audience see the perfect Wushus image. First of all, body stability is very important for the technical movements of Wushus routines. In complex technical movements, such as somersaults, reverse kicks and chain kicks, the stability of the body directly determines the accuracy and fluency of the movement. A stable body can provide good basic support, so that athletes can better control their own body, maintain the correct posture and movement essentials. Second, physical stability is essential for the exercise of strength. In Wushus routines, many technical movements require the athlete's explosive power to complete, such as jumping, instant acceleration and so on. A stable body can provide effective power transmission and control of reaction forces, allowing athletes to concentrate the power of the whole body into key areas and achieve higher levels of technical performance. In addition, physical stability can also enhance the coordination and flexibility of athletes. Movement change and body transfer in Wushus routines require good coordination and body control. A stable body can help athletes better perceive the position and coordinates of the body, so that the coordination between various parts of the body is smoother, and improve the coherence and fluency of the movement. At the same time, the stability of the body also contributes to the flexibility of the athletes, so that they can better complete the difficult flexible movements, and show a more elegant and smart Wushus style. 

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