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Study on Heterogeneity of Sandstone Reservoir

Published Date: August 15th 2023

Page Length: 354

Language: English

ISBN: 978-1-80053-859-7

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This article consists of seven parts: The first part elaborates on the heterogeneity of sandstone reservoirs; the second part focuses on the study of reservoir micro heterogeneity and pore fractal characteristics. The micro heterogeneity of reservoir refers to the non-uniformity of spatial distribution of pore, permeability, pore connectivity and other characteristics in the reservoir. The pore fractal characteristics are mathematical indicators and parameters describing the complexity of pore structure and Self-similarity; the third part continues to discuss the study of reservoir macroscopic heterogeneity, based on intra layer heterogeneity, inter layer heterogeneity, and planar heterogeneity, describing the spatial distribution heterogeneity and heterogeneity that exist in reservoirs. The fourth part explores the evaluation methods of heterogeneity in sandstone reservoirs, based on the comprehensive index method, flow unit method, reservoir geological modeling method, and experimental data analysis method. With the help of various technical means such as core analysis, well logging interpretation, and seismic inversion, it is used to quantitatively describe the pore structure, permeability distribution, and fluid saturation characteristics of the reservoir; the fifth part studies the genetic mechanism of sandstone reservoir heterogeneity. Through the influence of tectonism, sedimentation and Diagenesis on reservoir heterogeneity, it is demonstrated that sandstone reservoir heterogeneity is the result of multiple genetic mechanisms; the sixth part briefly describes the methods, impacts, and applications of fine dynamic prediction of sandstone reservoirs based on heterogeneity evaluation, aiming to improve the accuracy and efficiency of oil and gas exploration and development, and provide scientific basis for oilfield development decision-making; the seventh part discusses the heterogeneity analysis of typical tight sandstone reservoirs in Ordos Basin and Sichuan Basin. 

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