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Bai & Yun Art Museum, A Livable Art Museum

Published Date: August 10th 2023

Page Length: 367

Language: Chinese/English

ISBN: 978-1-80053-860-3

Price: £73.60


Everywhere you look, you see META trends. There seems that the metaverse is an ideal world, protected from all kinds of troubles in real life, but does this sound appealing?

Nowadays, what is sold to the public in the name of “augmented reality” is actually a kind of “controlled reality”. Claims to optimize the reality make the information layer added to the reality is imposed and service-oriented. In the “help move”, it sends out invisible instructions with some authorization gesture; It is an authoritarian guidance that excludes planned roaming (that is, all kinds of random and interesting possibilities) under the loan of “assisting exploration”. Nowadays, in the pursuit of economic benefits and economic growth, our relationship with the world is so narrowly bound, so what is the system to serve it? Instead of strengthening the relationship between us and the environment and between us and other earth objects, these technologies guide our perception and limit our imagination. There is an increase in the restriction and reduction of our common possessions, and the scope of our experience has become more and more inaccessible, making it easier and easier for capital to steal, capture, and levy our common wealth.

Some fragile islands still emerged when the metaverse tsunami came. A rich texture and unpredictable perceptual experience remain. The Cloud Art Museum in Mogan Mountain is one of them. It is firmly grasped by the advisor before it is washed away. Since the modern industry has disciplined the perceptual zone step by step, contemporary art must be regarded as the last resistance. Perhaps the art space is the last bastion of fully developing perceptual experience, which avoids the market logic and the needs of communication, publicity and marketing. It is best to stay away from the group when even the tiniest experience becomes a transaction, that is, to find it again. The Cloud Art Museum in Mogan Village provides an oasis for liberating perception by moving away from the formal entertainment of art trading places and the countless activities in Shanghai, the magic capital.

It is imperative that we protect these rare lands. It is still possible for children to share some untamed views in these places. Something that seems impossible can be loved, affirmed, and cherished.Take a trip to the Mogan Cloud Art Museum. Imagine yourself living in the clouds. Take a look at the clouds and exhibition.

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