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On the Teaching of Speech Understanding Mechanism in Psycholinguistics

Published Date: August 25h 2023

Page Length: 442

Language: English

ISBN: 978-1-80053-862-7

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Based on this perspective, this paper analyzes and discusses the process of speech comprehension in the framework of Psycholinguistics. Understanding the other person's language correctly in communication is a very complex process that involves multiple factors, so the study of language understanding involves interdisciplinary theories: firstly, language understanding is a psychological process that belongs to the category of psychological research. Speech comprehension involves people's psychological activities, studying how people encode, decode, and store input speech information during this process; secondly, language understanding is the understanding of a language, so studying language understanding cannot do without the support of linguistic theories. In the process of language understanding, people need to involve many language factors such as grammar, semantics, pragmatics, and must understand language based on its own structure and characteristics; thirdly, language is the carrier of thought, and the understanding of language cannot be separated from human thinking. In the process of language understanding, the real intention of the speaker is often hidden in the Deep structure and surface structure of the language. Only by fully mobilizing the thinking ability can we truly understand the speaker's intention and complete communication; in addition, human knowledge structure, emotions, strategies, and other factors can all affect language comprehension. Therefore, the research and exploration of the issue of language understanding has broken many linguistic theories that only focus on the language itself. It fully considers the psychological factors of the subject who masters the language - human beings. This is a major breakthrough in the field of linguistic research and opens up a new research direction. The application value of research on language understanding is more reflected in teaching practice. In teaching, teachers, based on relevant psychological and linguistic theories of language understanding, consider many factors that affect language understanding, follow the psychological process of language understanding to organize and implement teaching activities, help students master language understanding strategies, help students truly master language materials, and construct reasonable knowledge structures, Cultivate the ability to use comprehensive language, so as to improve students' communicative ability. 

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