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The Origin of the Value of American Football and its Influence on the Development of Chinese Sports

Published Date: August 10th 2023

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Language: English

ISBN: 978-1-80053-869-6

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Rugby is derived from football in Rugby town in central England in 1823, and after more than 190 years of development and evolution, it has become one of the most popular sports in the world, especially in the Commonwealth countries with a wide mass base. Rugby sports with high intensity physical confrontation, rapid change, good continuity, strong viewing and other remarkable characteristics, including courage, loyalty, discipline, sportsmanship and team spirit and countless emotional concepts, deeply loved by people. According to incomplete statistics, more than 3 million people currently participate in regular rugby games, and the world's population who like rugby is calculated in hundreds of millions. In 2007, the NFL's Super Bowl drew 93 million viewers, or about one in three Americans, a sign of the sport's popularity. 

In the 1980s, American Football entered China for the first time, and by 2006, the official representative office of the National Football League (NFL) in China was established. With the deepening of economic exchanges, extensive cultural and sports exchanges are inevitable. China is a big country in the world. Chinese culture has influenced the world in the past and at present. At the same time, China has been absorbing advanced cultures from other countries. China is a country that is good at absorbing advanced cultures from the world. At present, the Chinese government also actively encourages and strongly supports the spread of foreign advanced and beneficial cultures in China. While striving to improve the country's economic strength and people's income, the Chinese government also attaches great importance to the health of its citizens. Judging from the actual situation in China, the Chinese people pay more and more attention to physical exercise, and exercise in a variety of ways that they like and suit their personal conditions. Most sports can not only exercise the body, but also produce greater mental pleasure and stimulation because of their competitiveness. 

In this context, American football has gradually become popular in China. Although the development of this sport in China is not as fast as football, basketball and badminton, it has been accepted by some Chinese people, especially young people. - Some cities have also formed professional teams and held competitions.

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