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A Comparative Study on the Welfare of Elderly People in China and South Korea - Centered on Home-based Elderlyc Care | Scholar Publishing Group

A Comparative Study on the Welfare of Elderly People in China and South Korea - Centered on Home-based Elderlyc Care

Published Date: August 10th 2023

Page Length: 170

Language: Korean

ISBN: 978-1-80053-885-6

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The study found the differences between China and Korea about home-based care for the aged: First, the emphasis of home-based care for the aged is different. From the cultural attributes to the development process of the two countries' ways of providing for the aged, we know that there are three kinds of standardized and systematic service quality evaluation systems in home-based care services in Korea, which pay more attention to service quality. However, China's diversified services contents need to improve service quality, develop professional and personalized service contents, and form an institutionalized and standardized service system. Second, aging and demographic changes are different. The characteristics of aging in the two countries are "getting old before getting ready, getting old before getting rich", and the degree of accelerated aging is similar, while the disparity between population institutions and market industries forms different business forms. Third, the fiscal expenditure is different. From the perspective of funding sources and management methods, Korea is fully funded by financial funds, under the unified supervision of the government and under the service agencies. At present, China is divided into three types: public construction, public construction and private construction. At present, China encourages social forces to participate in home-based care services, and increases government support to promote diversified financing for home-based care services. Implement government procurement and subsidized support to promote healthy competition among home-based aged care services. Fourth, the difference of professional value. Korea attaches importance to the role of social workers in home-based care services, establishes a list of community resources, and forms a perfect system of community resources development and management, so as to quickly link resources to provide services when needed. There is a shortage of professional social workers in home care services in China, and simple home service is mainly provided by volunteers and care workers. Fifth, pay attention to the value of retreat. It is worth learning from the re-employment policy of retired elderly people in Korea, and giving policy encouragement to friendly enterprises. The re-employment rate in Korea is as high as 43%, which is worth learning from.

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