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Research on Indoor Positioning Technology

Published Date: April 25th 2023

Page Length: 198

Language: English

ISBN: 978-1-80053-906-8

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With the rapid development of wireless communication and the widespread application of mobile devices, there is an urgent need for people to obtain their own location. On the basis of the increasing popularity and development of Location Based Services (LBS), the requirements for indoor positioning applications are becoming increasingly widespread. The combination of location based services and mobile user behavior can form new consumer applications, while the integration of location based services and enterprise applications can form "industry+positioning" enterprise level applications, which can improve manufacturing efficiency.Statistical data shows that due to modern people spending most of their day in indoor environments, there is always great room for improvement in the demand for indoor positioning in the consumer market. In terms of user needs, precise indoor positioning can greatly enhance their experience. Due to the complex communication conditions in indoor environments, multiple occlusion phenomena, frequent high-frequency variations, multipath effects, and shadow effects, as well as the inability of current global satellite navigation systems to be applied to indoor environments, there are significant challenges in the research technology and application practice of indoor positioning systems. In response to the various situations and characteristics mentioned above, researchers have conducted extensive in-depth research and provided many positioning methods that adapt to different indoor environments. However, there is no one positioning system solution that can meet the needs of various applications, and various positioning technologies have their own shortcomings.Based on the current development direction of indoor positioning technology, this article mainly studies several typical indoor positioning technology solutions, such as Wi Fi positioning technology, ultra wide-band (UWB) positioning technology, and deep learning based positioning technology and so on.

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