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The Mode and Value Effect of Enterprise Digital M & A

Published Date: January 31th 2023

Page Length: 305

Language: English

ISBN: 978-1-80053-928-0

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Digital M & A is a new M & A mode that takes place within or between industries in pursuit of inter-regional industrial synergy and factor allocation space optimization. Under the new development pattern, digital mergers and acquisitions guided by industrial upgrading and green development will increasingly focus on emerging industries and advantageous industries with strategic significance, and carry out strategic mergers and acquisitions of traditional industries with excess capacity, such as steel, coal, cement, etc., to boost the green transformation of traditional industries and the in-depth adjustment of stock. Optimize the spatial allocation of capital, technology, labor and other factors through digital M & A, promote the interregional flow of high-quality production factors, realize industrial gradient transfer, eliminate backward production capacity, build a green industrial chain, and realize industrial optimization and upgrading. However, the current academic research on digital M & A is still very weak. How to break through the limitations of the traditional M & A theory based on the characteristics of "smooth economy", and establish a new theoretical thinking and empirical analysis framework for digital M & A under the guidance of spatial economics theory, standing at the strategic height of the digital economy, has become a forward issue to be solved in the development of spatial economics, and also a practical problem to be discussed in promoting China's digital economy, leading the new development pattern and achieving new breakthroughs. 

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