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Theory and Practice of Innovation Ecosystem

Published Date: March 10th 2022

Page Length: 531

Language: English

ISBN: 978-1-80053-955-6

Price: £52.00


Innovation is the theme of the development of the current era. The construction of an innovation ecosystem needs to be guided by certain scientific theories and based on a systematic cluster of social organizations. Since entering the 21st century, the innovation ecosystem has become a new paradigm for innovation theoretical research. This book starts with the theoretical analysis and combing of the innovation ecosystem, and clearly proposes that the innovation ecosystem is composed of multiple innovation elements that are interconnected, adaptable, coordinated, and co-evolved. It is open and complex with dynamic and network structure characteristics. Throughout the history of human development, innovation has played an increasingly important role in the development of human history. It has not only brought tremendous economic development, but also promoted the progress of human society, and thus is regarded as the development of the times. In the context of economic globalization and the knowledge age, sustained economic growth is increasingly inseparable from innovation, and innovation has increasingly become the most active factor in promoting social progress and economic development. 

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