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Business Economics Theory and Practice


With the rapid development of the world economy, more and more economic problems have appeared, and the whole operation situation of macroscopic economy of each country has presented a new characteristic. To have an accurate grasp of economic performance situation, it is necessary to study the principles of economic operation. The Journal Business Economics Theory and Practice provides important theoretical support for the development of business economics,and make in-depth exploration of  the theory by combining practice while practicing commercial economic theory.

This journal aims to deeply interpret the development of economic theory and economics in the world history, to objectively summarize and judge the current practical development of commercial economy, and to elaborate the urgency of the innovation of modern commercial economy theory. So as to provide strong academic supports for the theoretical innovation and development practice of commercial economy.

Original articles on business economics theory and practice are welcomed, especially information on the latest research methods and practices with an empirical base. It is strongly expected that the articles can summarize the practice of commercial economy innovation and development on the basis of the new characteristics presented by the current macroeconomic development situation.

Volume 1, Issue 1, 2023