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Legal History of World


After a long period of development, the study of world legal history has formed a mature research system and developed rapidly in interdisciplinary research. Its research interests include history, law, pedagogy, journalism and communication, legal system, legal history, etc. In academic research, Legal History of World focuses on the construction of its own characteristics, the combination of Interpretative research and comparative research, especially the in-depth study of the laws of thinking movement all over the world, and has won unanimous praise among the legal history circle.

This journal aims to strengthen the academic exchange, improve the academic level, and expand the academic influenceand to establish an academic exchange forum and information exchange center in the field of legal history, so as to provide valuable opportunities for scholars and experts to exchange academic ideas.

By combining systematic and thematic approaches, this journal explores the development of world legal history from the perspective of history and logic, and seeks a feasible way to integrate legal culture in the future. Articles on law, history and relevant interdisciplinary subjects are especially welcomed.

Volume 1, Issue 1, 2023