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International Journal of Sports Technology, 2020, 1(3); doi: 10.38007/IJST.2020.010302.

Teaching Reform of Sign Language Curriculum "Six-Ization" in Special Education In Colleges and Universities


Constable Edwin

Corresponding Author:
Constable Edwin

University of London, UK


With the development of society, the participation of deaf people in social capacity has increased, and the demand for social opponent language translation has increased. It is necessary to train high-quality sign language translators. The sign language translation profession and the deaf higher education came into being, which is the need of special education development and a highlight of the development of higher education. Sign language together with Mandarin, music, dance, piano, Braille, courseware production, subject teaching method, educational technology and other courses together constitute the basic module of special education professional courses. At present, China's sign language education is still in the stage of development and improvement, especially in the teaching process of the sign language of special education, there are still many problems, which need to be improved. This paper intends to use "school-based textbooks, diversified teaching methods, teaching methods MOOC-ization, rationalization of curriculum settings, diversification of assessment and evaluation, and professionalization of faculty, etc., and exploration of the "six-ization" teaching reform of the "sign language" curriculum.Experimental research shows that there have been great changes in teaching methods, with an increase of nearly 15%, which fully reflects the feasibility of the "six modernizations" teaching reform.


Sign Language Course, Special Education, Innovative Teaching Reform

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Constable Edwin. Teaching Reform of Sign Language Curriculum "Six-Ization" in Special Education In Colleges and Universities. International Journal of Sports Technology (2020), Vol. 1, Issue 3: 8-16. https://doi.org/10.38007/IJST.2020.010302.


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