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International Journal of Art Innovation and Development, 2023, 4(1); doi: 10.38007/IJAID.2023.040115.

Exploring the Cultural Connotations of Urban Public Art in Ningbo


Jiamiao Wei and Xiaohua Huang

Corresponding Author:
Xiaohua Huang

School of Design, Ningbo Tech University, Ningbo 315100, Zhejiang, China

Faculty of innovation and design, City University of Macau, Macau 999078, China


As the process of urbanisation continues to accelerate, the status of urban culture in public space is gradually increasing. This paper explores the cultural connotations in public art by discussing two aspects of public art and urban culture, public art as open public and humanistic urban culture, allowing urban culture to be better integrated into the urban public environment. This paper selects public art in Ningbo as an entry point to analyse the urban culture contained in public art, and in the form of a questionnaire survey on the current situation of cultural construction and public art development in Ningbo, to understand the connotations of Ningbo urban culture in public art, in the hope that it can give more urban culture to public art in Ningbo's urban construction and improve the quality of public art in Ningbo.


Public Art, Urban Culture, Urban Development, Publicness, Culturalness

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Jiamiao Wei and Xiaohua Huang. Exploring the Cultural Connotations of Urban Public Art in Ningbo. International Journal of Art Innovation and Development (2023), Vol. 4, Issue 1: 164-170. https://doi.org/10.38007/IJAID.2023.040115.


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