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International Journal of Multimedia Computing, 2020, 1(3); doi: 10.38007/IJMC.2020.010306.

Talents Training Model of "Micro-business" in the Background of Innovation and Entrepreneurship


Carlo Dal Mutto

Corresponding Author:
Carlo Dal Mutto

Cornell University, USA


The Chinese government has put forward the strategy of “Internet+” and “mass entrepreneurship and innovation” to make e-commerce development usher in new opportunities, and at the same time put forward higher requirements for the cultivation of electric merchants. At this stage, micro-businessmen have a large demand gap and a high demand intensity. Micro-merchants only need to focus on three types of high-skilled personnel: team-building decision-making managers, technical-type business personnel, and micro-store management business-type business personnel. On the basis of the research, this article points out that the training mode for micro-businessmen in the apparel industry should be based on the cooperation of school-enterprise cooperation; the cooperation between schools and enterprises should be fostered to develop a specific implementation framework for talented “micro-business” talents, deepen the school-enterprise cooperation model, and reform and reform the curriculum content. Micro-business teaching team, improve the training conditions in colleges and universities, the government introduced laws and regulations for standardized management, so that the apparel industry can better meet the requirements of consumers in the new era.


Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Micro-Business, Talent Training Model

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Carlo Dal Mutto. Talents Training Model of "Micro-business" in the Background of Innovation and Entrepreneurship. International Journal of Multimedia Computing (2020), Vol. 1, Issue 3: 66-73. https://doi.org/10.38007/IJMC.2020.010306. 


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