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International Journal of Big Data Intelligent Technology, 2021, 2(3); doi: 10.38007/IJBDIT.2021.020302.

The Design of Student Training System of Ethnic Minorities in Jiangxi Universities Based on Big Data


Xiaojuan Wu

Corresponding Author:
Xiaojuan Wu

Nanchang Institute of Science and Technology, Nanchang 330108, China


With the rapid development of science and technology and the networking of information, it is a trend for culture to develop in the direction of diversification. College students come from all over the world, there must be a variety of ethnic groups, ethnic minorities in diet and clothing with the Han nationality has obvious differences, how to protect the cultural differences of ethnic minorities in Colleges and universities without affecting learning has become a problem. The purpose of this paper is to take Jiangxi universities as an example to study the student training system under the diversified interaction, so that students of the same ethnic group can communicate more easily and different ethnic groups can get along well. This topic first carries on the comprehensive investigation to the school's community organization, student's scientific and technological innovation and social practice, grasps the various materials needed, and paves the way for the establishment of the follow-up database. It uses the visual programming software Delphi and the simple and practical database software access to complete the programming design of the main interface of the program and the program design of the link with the database. Through the test, it is found that the system has met the needs of users and passed three functional tests, namely the main function test of system login interface, the main function test of system user management, the main function test of community activity management. Successfully completed the design and implementation of the management system for the cultivation of College Students' comprehensive quality and ability; it greatly facilitates the work of the Youth League Committee and improves the work efficiency.


Big Data, Ethnic Minorities in Jiangxi Universities, Diversified Interaction, Student Training System

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Xiaojuan Wu. The Design of Student Training System of Ethnic Minorities in Jiangxi Universities Based on Big Data. International Journal of Big Data Intelligent Technology (2021), Vol. 2, Issue 3: 10-18. https://doi.org/10.38007/IJBDIT.2021.020302.


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