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International Journal of Multimedia Computing, 2021, 2(1); doi: 10.38007/IJMC.2021.020106.

The Construction and Application of Student Quality Evaluation System in Application-Oriented Universities Based on Decision Tree Algorithm


Zhifeng Yu and Yuanfu Mao

Corresponding Author:
Zhifeng Yu

Nanchang Institute of Science and Technology, Nanchang 330108, China


The continuous growth of the amount of data puts forward higher requirements for data storage, management and analysis. People urgently need a new generation of computer technology and tools, which can intelligently extract useful information and knowledge from a large number of data. Applying data mining technology to education will help to find hidden useful information from a large number of educational data and guide educational work. This paper first selects the evaluation index, and then sets the corresponding weight of the index. At the same time, combined with the actual situation of application-oriented universities, using the constructed application-oriented university student quality evaluation system, this paper develops a set of evaluation system based on Internet technology, intuitive interface and simple operation, which can realize the dynamic modification of each evaluation index and weight to adapt to the education evaluation With the continuous development of the theory and the demand of the times for talents, and with the existing Wan fang Data System of student work fine management department to achieve data sharing. The results show that with the increase of the number of attributes, the accuracy value of the test set and the average absolute error of the training set are decreasing, but when the number of attributes is 3, there is an inflection point. The time (s) of the attribute selection algorithm is 28.82% less than the original data, and the number of cuts is 28.6% less than the original data The application of sex selection algorithm in the data set of students' quality evaluation in Application-oriented Universities greatly reduces the amount of calculation and improves the efficiency of the system.


Decision Tree Algorithm, Applied Undergraduate University, Quality Education, Evaluation System

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Zhifeng Yu and Yuanfu Mao. The Construction and Application of Student Quality Evaluation System in Application-Oriented Universities Based on Decision Tree Algorithm. International Journal of Multimedia Computing (2021), Vol. 2, Issue 1: 60-67. https://doi.org/10.38007/IJMC.2021.020106.


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