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International Journal of Multimedia Computing, 2021, 2(4); doi: 10.38007/IJMC.2021.020402.

Inheritance Path of Different Nationalities' Traditional Sports Culture in the New Media Environment


Wenjun Tu and Qing Sun

Corresponding Author:
Wenjun Tu

Yuzhang Normal University, Jiangxi 330103, China


Inheriting and developing ethnic minority folk sports is an important measure taken by the state to protect ethnic minority culture, and it is also one of the priorities of the party and the government. The emergence of new media technology has ushered in a new opportunity for the inheritance of traditional sports culture of different nationalities, and has provided more options for the inheritance of traditional sports culture of different nationalities. The combination of new media technology and the inheritance of traditional sports culture of different nationalities has become the general trend. This article uses the questionnaire survey method to conduct a survey of the public's awareness of the inheritance of traditional sports culture of different nationalities in the new media environment. The results of the experiment show that 92.6% of the respondents said they often use WeChat, a new media tool, and 43.5% of the respondents said they use QQ. Most of the investigators said that they have the habit of frequently browsing Moments and WeChat groups, and the proportion of deep users reaches 65%, including those over the age of 40. In the survey, it was also found that many older respondents have also used smartphones one after another. With the help of their children, they have begun to use new media applications such as "WeChat". 


New Media Environment, National Tradition, Sports Culture, Inheritance Path

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Wenjun Tu, Qing Sun. Inheritance Path of Different Nationalities' Traditional Sports Culture in the New Media Environment. International Journal of Multimedia Computing (2021), Vol. 2, Issue 4: 9-16. https://doi.org/10.38007/IJMC.2021.020402.


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