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International Journal of Business Management and Economics and Trade, 2021, 2(1); doi: 10.38007/IJBMET.2021.020102.

Procurement Logistics Optimization of Supply Chain Management Based on Data Mining Technology


Bei Jiang

Corresponding Author:
Bei Jiang

Jiangxi Vocational Technical College of Industry & Trade, Nanchang 330038, China


Data mining has become an important research topic in the field of information technology and has received extensive attention. With the maturity of data mining technology, data mining has gradually been applied to the field of enterprise management. Therefore, the application of data mining technology to enterprise supply chain management has far-reaching significance for improving the core competitiveness of enterprises. This paper aims to study the procurement logistics optimization of supply chain management based on data mining technology. Based on the analysis of the functions of data mining, the role of procurement management and the application of data mining in supply chain management, company A is taken as an example. Purchasing logistics optimization goals and purchasing organization structure are described and improved. Finally, this article compares the effects before and after the procurement logistics optimization shows that the company's procurement efficiency has been significantly improved, the procurement cycle has been greatly shortened, and the procurement cost has been significantly reduced.


Data Mining Technology, Supply Chain Management, Procurement Logistics, Logistics Optimization

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Bei Jiang. Procurement Logistics Optimization of Supply Chain Management Based on Data Mining Technology. International Journal of Business Management and Economics and Trade (2021), Vol. 2, Issue 1: 9-16. https://doi.org/10.38007/IJBMET.2021.020102.


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