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Academic Journal of Agricultural Sciences, 2021, 2(4); doi: 10.38007/AJAS.2021.020406.

Diagnosis of Performance Degradation of Combined Rotor of Agricultural Tractor in Maize Planting


Joanne Pransky

Corresponding Author:
Joanne Pransky

University of Coimbra, Portugal


The purpose of this paper is to study the diagnosis of performance degradation of the combined rotor of agricultural tractor in maize planting. Based on corn fields farm tractors combination performance of the rotor as the research object, select 5 farms in guizhou city, each farm choose 5 tractors, doing experiments on the sample first, mathematical statistical analysis were used to detect the corn planting farm tractors in the total length of the rotor, roulette section length, length of shaft parts, wheel diameter, rotating shaft part diameter, diameter of these composite rotor bar each physical parameter; The variation law of bending frequency of the first 3 orders with time was analyzed by statistical method. And a single variable method is used to compare the experimental and simulation results of bending frequencies at different moments. The experimental data show that the bending frequency of the first 3 orders of the combined rotor increases with the change of time. There is little difference between the performance degradation trajectory of the model and the simulation results, which to some extent verifies the correctness of the research theory and method of performance degradation of the combined rotor caused by disk creep. The experimental study shows that with the increase of time, the disc creep will cause the performance degradation of the combined rotor. The higher the speed and the more the number of pull rods are, the faster the degradation rate of the combined rotor will be. The performance degradation diagnosis study increases the speed by 84.34% to observe the degradation degree of the combined rotor to reduce the tractor failure problem.


Agricultural Tractor, Combination Rotor, Performance Degradation, Corn Planting, Diagnostic Studies

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Joanne Pransky. Diagnosis of Performance Degradation of Combined Rotor of Agricultural Tractor in Maize Planting. Academic Journal of Agricultural Sciences (2021), Vol. 2, Issue 4: 68-80. https://doi.org/10.38007/AJAS.2021.020406.


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