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International Journal of Art Innovation and Development, 2020, 1(1); doi: 10.38007/IJAID.2020.010103.

Microimage Creation of Animal Landscape Art in the Context of New Media


Shi Wang

Corresponding Author:
Shi Wang

Natural Museum of Northeast Normal University, Changchun, Jilin, China


Micro-image is a relatively new film mode, especially in recent years, with the advent of the new media era, micro-image is springing up like bamboo shoots. Moreover, in the context of the information age, the changes of micro-images are not only reflected in the speed, but also in the language expression and usage tendency, which shows the distinct characteristics of the new media era. With the increasing recognition of the complex species of animals, the scale of human acceptance is wider for a variety of animals, whether ugly or beautiful. Whether it affirms the development of aesthetics or expands the scope of human cognition of animals, animals are gradually integrated with human society and widely used in landscape art. In spite of the obstacles of objective external factors, animal landscape art should pay more attention to its own creation and new media characteristics of the combination of the pioneering point, conform to the network audience expression, receive information "short, small, refined" characteristics, with the help of network self-Media platform development and popular image new form. Starting with the characteristics of new media, namely, instantaneity, interaction, variability and richness, this paper summarizes the trend of micro-dissemination of new media, and explores the development trend of micro-image of animal landscape art based on the characteristics of the dissemination of animal landscape art works in new media such as network media.


New Media Technology, Animal Landscape Art, Microimage Works

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Shi Wang. Microimage Creation of Animal Landscape Art in the Context of New Media. International Journal of Art Innovation and Development (2020), Vol. 1, Issue 1: 26-35. https://doi.org/10.38007/IJAID.2020.010103.


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