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Academic Journal of Energy, 2022, 3(2); doi: 10.38007/RE.2022.030206.

New Energy Based on Superconducting Energy Storage Technology in Central Heating


Odsuren Batdelger

Corresponding Author:
Odsuren Batdelger

Vytautas Magnus University, Lithuania


As a country with a large population, with the growth of national economy and the improvement of people's living standards, its consumption of energy is getting bigger and bigger, and the total consumption has ranked first in the world. In the numerous energy consumption, the load energy consumption of the northern central heating occupies a considerable part. In the north, where the demand for central heating is extremely increasing dramatically, there are many large wind farms, and the large area of "wind curtailing" phenomenon is getting more and more attention by the society.This paper aims to study the application of new energy sources based on superconducting energy storage technology in central heating. This paper first discusses the principle and classification of superconducting energy storage technology. According to the arrangement form, installation position and connection form of superconducting energy storage device in the heat network, and the various characteristics of superconducting energy storage and traditional heat storage are compared and analyzed, and the best use conditions and form of superconducting energy storage device are sought. At the planning level of the system, the annual total cost model of superconducting energy storage is established, which includes the system thermal model and the system economy model, and the particle swarm algorithm is taken as the solution method of the optimal solution of the model. At the level of daily operation scheduling, the dynamic model and daily operation optimization model of the hot user system are established. The former is based on the aggregate parameter method, including the envelope structure dynamic model, the heating system heat conduction model and the building air dynamic heat balance model; the latter includes the uniform supply model and the heterogeneous supply model. The experiment proved that the central heating system constructed in this paper has higher human efficiency, and the upper heating temperature reached 22℃, making the room more comfortable and pleasant, and reducing the carbon emission.


Superconducting Storage, New Energy, Central Heating, Cost Control

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Odsuren Batdelger. New Energy Based on Superconducting Energy Storage Technology in Central Heating. Academic Journal of Energy (2022), Vol. 3, Issue 2: 48-56. https://doi.org/10.38007/RE.2022.030206.


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