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International Journal of Sports Technology, 2022, 3(4); doi: 10.38007/IJST.2022.030403.

Damage and Repair of Skeletal Muscle Microstructure after Basketball Exercise and Protein Nutrition Supplement Based on CT Images


Sahil Kavita

Corresponding Author:
Sahil Kavita

University of Rochester, America


There are many types of skeletal muscle injury, which can be divided into laceration, blunt contusion, strain, shear injury, etc., which are blunt contusion and strain. The occurrence of injury is mainly dependent on the stress condition of the muscle, the texture and nutritional state of the muscle, and the correct training method and the balance of strength are also the key factors. To observe the injury and repair of skeletal muscle microstructure after basketball exercise and the intervention effect of protein nutrition supplement. CT functional imaging (computed tomography functional imaging) has the advantages of simple operation, reproducible and safety, where perfusion imaging evaluates tissue perfusion at capillary levels and is more closely related to tissue metabolism; energy spectroscopy imaging can accurately measure iodine concentration in the tissue and achieve quantitative analysis of lesions. At present, CT functional imaging has been widely used in brain, heart, lung, kidney, liver and other organs, which plays an important guiding role in ischemia-reperfusion changes and qualitative diagnosis of tumor and evaluation of efficacy after chemotherapy and chemotherapy. The rats centrifugal motion model to simulate the basketball sports, the rats were divided into control group, eccentric exercise group immediately, 24h, 48h group, eccentric exercise groups other than the control group the adaptability of the centrifugal training for 6 weeks, respectively observation campaign group rat skeletal muscle after eccentric exercise serum CK-MM, Calpainl, gastrocnemius Titin and Nebulin protein expression. Compared with the control group, the activity content of CK-MM in the serum of rats after exercise was significantly increased, reaching the peak 24 hours later, and showing a downward trend at the 48h stage. Titin protein content is significantly reduced after the movement of the gastrocnemius muscle, calf Nebulin in cracking protein supplement after take effect 24 hours a day. The content of β-glucosidase in skeletal muscle increased sharply immediately after exercise and gradually decreased until 48 hours after exercise. The G6PDH content of skeletal muscle also increased significantly after exercise, reaching its peak at 24h after exercise. After strenuous exercise, the membrane permeability of the body is increased under heavy load, leading to protein degradation immediately after exercise, and exercise-induced ischemia-reperfusion is an important reason to induce skeletal muscle microstructure damage.


CT Image Analysis, Basketball Exercise, Eccentric Exercise, Skeletal Muscle Serum, Skeletal Muscle Microstructure

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Sahil Kavita. Damage and Repair of Skeletal Muscle Microstructure after Basketball Exercise and Protein Nutrition Supplement Based on CT Images. International Journal of Sports Technology (2022), Vol. 3, Issue 4: 26-49. https://doi.org/10.38007/IJST.2022.030403.


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