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International Journal of Engineering Technology and Construction, 2022, 3(3); doi: 10.38007/IJETC.2022.030305.

The Remote Monitoring System Based on the Internet of Things and Its Monitoring Method in the Design of Construction Machinery


Romany Vijun

Corresponding Author:
Romany Vijun

Uni de Moncton, Canada


The construction machinery design based on the Internet of Things remote monitoring system is an important direction of the development of construction machinery design in China. Based on the principle of Internet of Things, this paper expands the global positioning GPS module module and GPRS wireless through the design and implementation of the construction machinery monitoring subsystem, and can send the construction machinery positioning data and bus status information to the monitoring center at any time. The software of the display and the remote monitor adopts the real-time system as the operating system, and various interfaces are extended with corresponding drivers. The hardware design of the construction machinery monitor adopts the popular embedded design in the market, and the relatively mature interface circuit is selected to ensure the stability of the hardware platform, reduce the difficulty of hardware development, and greatly shorten the development cycle of product hardware. Experimental data shows that combining the construction machinery design with the Internet of Things, the monitoring system adopts PHC monitorable programming system and PDRF system, which can realize the full cycle monitoring of the construction machinery design process. Experimental data shows that the Internet of Things system and the construction machinery engineering system can better complete the work, which improves its work efficiency by about 20%, and 80% of computer professional technicians apply the relevant Internet of Things technology in intelligent Has conducted in-depth exploration in the field of construction machinery monitoring.


Internet of Things Technology, Construction Machinery Design, GPS Real-time Monitoring, Machinery Management

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Romany Vijun. The Remote Monitoring System Based on the Internet of Things and Its Monitoring Method in the Design of Construction Machinery. International Journal of Engineering Technology and Construction (2022), Vol. 3, Issue 3: 61-76. https://doi.org/10.38007/IJETC.2022.030305.


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