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Distributed Processing System, 2022, 3(4); doi: 10.38007/DPS.2022.030401.

IEEE1588 Protocol in Information Transmission of Distributed Generation System


Barker Ruth

Corresponding Author:
Barker Ruth

Tech Univ Sofia, Dept Elect Apparat, Sofia 1797, Bulgaria


With the development of modern power system, distributed generation also appears, and wireless communication technology plays an important role in it. This paper analyzes and studies the ieee15 private network transmission protocol. Firstly, the working principle and implementation method of the protocol are introduced. Secondly, the solutions and improvement schemes for the key links such as information data acquisition, processing process and signal power distribution in the transmission line are proposed. Finally, a complete distributed power system model is established by using MATLAB software and verified by simulation under the conditions of the designed communication channel parameters. The comparison and analysis of simulation test results show that the device has the following basic performances: (1) high reliability. (2) Good stability. When a fault occurs, it will not affect the stable operation of the whole network, and can provide users with reliable, efficient and safe power supply services.


IEEE1588 Protocol, Distributed Generation System, Information Transmission, Distributed Transmission

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Barker Ruth. IEEE1588 Protocol in Information Transmission of Distributed Generation System. Distributed Processing System (2022), Vol. 3, Issue 4: 1-9. https://doi.org/10.38007/DPS.2022.030401.


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