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Advances in Sports Engineering

ISSN: 2789-8423

Sports engineering is the combination of engineering and physical education, which has been developed rapidly in recent years, and its research fields are becoming more and more extensive. The journal Advances in Sports Engineering focuses on interdisciplinary and innovation, and encourages advanced technologies to be fully involved in sports research, so as to effectively improve the academic and industrial development of this subject.

This journal aims to establish an international cooperation and exchange platform for experts and scholars in computer science and sports engineering to share research findings, discuss existing problems and challenges, and explore frontier technologies. Specialists nationwide and overseas are expected to actively participate and make joint efforts to cultivate new type of sports science and technology talents in line with the needs of sports industry in the digital age.

Original articles on sports science, computer science, information science and other relevant fields are welcomed, especially academic papers on the latest research methods and practices are expected.

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