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Dialectics of Nature


As philosophy of nature, philosophy of science and philosophy of technology, dialectics of nature not only has a philosophical attribute, but also has an interdisciplinary attribute. The journal Dialectics of Nature focuses on revealing the dialectics of nature through the study of the development of natural science. Its academic achievements have provided natural scientists with powerful support tools such as methodology, dialectical logic and dialectical-materialist epistemology.

This journal aims to be a guideline for natural scientists to improve their scientific research and teaching level. Academically, this journal focuses on the systematic study of natural science, mastering the latest progress of the main subjects of natural science, and exploring the philosophical issues of natural science, so as to promote the great transformation of natural view and promote the all-round development of economy, society and human beings. Meanwhile, this journal also encourages more and more natural scientists to consciously apply the natural dialectics and achieve remarkable achievements in scientific research.

Original articles on philosophy, pedagogydialectics of nature and other relevant interdisciplinary disciplines are welcomed. Especially, research articles with practical and applied significance are expected.

Volume 1, Issue 1, 2024