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Frontiers in Law and Human Behavior


In recent years, philosophy of law, jurisprudence and other theoretical jurisprudence, as well as FXC, have shown increasing interest in the study of law and human behavior. In contrast, many people do not have a sufficient and accurate understanding of this subject. Law and human behavior is the extension and interpenetration of traditional law and human behavior.

From the perspective of mutual understanding between different cultures, the journal Frontiers in Law and Human Behavior aims to discuss the status and function of the legal system in different civilizations, as well as the study of legal dynamics. The research findings have been more and more widely applied to the study of the legal system, social order and even legal culture in Western countries. It not only shows a new academic vision, but also provides a set of unique and effective thinking approaches and research methods.

Articles on law, human behavior, and extended disciplines such as psychology, sociology, and philosophy are welcomed, especially those that explain the discipline connotation, academic development, and research characteristics.

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