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Germplasm Resources Research


Germplasm resources, also called genetic resources, are the foundation of crop varietal improvement. After nearly 100 years of efforts, the basic work on germplasm resources has been fruitful, and the system of germplasm resources protection, sharing and utilization has been basically established. The journal Germplasm Resources Research covers a wide range of topics, including the investigation, collection, preservation, innovation, origin, evolution, taxonomy, establishment of gene library and genetic diversity research of germplasm resources. It focuses on the new progress, new achievements, new methods and new techniques of germplasm research.

This journal aims to collect research results and disciplinary progress, conduct academic exchanges, provide excellent resources for genetic breeding and agricultural productionand provide abundant germplasm and research materials for theoretical research in biology.

Research reports, academic papers and high-level reviews or comments on basic theoretical research and applied research of germplasm resources are welcomed.

Aims & Scope

The topics covered will include:

Germplasm resources pool

Research on genetic breeding

Fisheries genetic resources

Research status and prospect of crop germplasm resources

Construction of germplasm resources information system


Plant germplasm

Diversity of germplasm resources


Crop germplasm


Genetic segregation

The origin and evolution of crops

Genetic resources conservation

Molecular biotechnology

Molecule marker technology

Next generation sequencing

Genome research

Germplasm innovation

Whole genome sequencing

Genetic diversity