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The journal Logical Study is a regular academic journal which is issued to the public. Since founded, it holds the principle of new ideas, new methods and new materials and focuses on the concept of "every period is wonderful and every article is readable". The study of logic has rich contents, fresh viewpoints, strong readability and large amount of information, involving history, pedagogy, philosophy, mathematics, jurisprudence, and other disciplines. In the future, Logical Study is intended to become one of the most influential journals the publishing circles.

This journal aims to establish a public communication platform for the cross-disciplinary field of logic research, and actively publish the latest findings in logic research. Meanwhile, it will publish the latest research trends in mathematical logic, traditional logic, artificial intelligence logic, logic application and other fieldsso as to promote the academic exchange of logic and improve the development of logic research.

Original works and articles on the study of logic are welcomed. They can be formal logic, dialectical logic, traditional logic, modern logic, and any other research topics related to logic.

Aims & Scope

The topics covered will include:


Form of thinking

Mathematical logic


The problem and future of logic

Critical thinking

Conceptual work

Analogical reasoning

Deductive reasoning

Dialectic of Hegel

Legal logic

Cognitive phenomenological theory

Pure logic


Sigwart's theory




 The development of logic