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Quality Management


Quality management refers to all activities that establish quality policy, objectives and responsibilities and achieve it through quality planning, quality control, quality assurance and quality improvement. The journal Quality Management focuses on both theory and application, and collects the current popular quality management methods, including total quality management (TQM), Six Sigma (6σ), QC, shewhart control charts, fishboneetc.

This journal aims to provide academic reference for enterprises to establish an excellent quality management system, an effective executive system and a precise decision support system. Meanwhile, it collects a large number of outstanding academic achievements of quality management, and catches much attention of countries all over the world.

Original articles on theoretical research and frontier exploration in quality management are welcomed; especially articles describing case studies in quality management are expected.

Aims & Scope

The topics covered will include:

Quality management system

Quality cost

Significance testing

Robust design

Quantitative assessment method

Total quality management 

Statistical process control

Quality control standard


Quality policy

Quality objective

Quality system

Quality control

Quality assurance

Quality planning

Quality plan