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International Journal of Educational Curriculum Management and Research, 2023, 4(2); doi: 10.38007/IJECMR.2023.040206.

The Construction of Teaching Ability Evaluation System of Badminton in Physical Education Major


Bo Zhou and Zhou Wang

Corresponding Author:
Zhou Wang

School of Physical Education, Hunan University of Arts and Science, Changde 415000, Hunan, China


In recent years, the rapid development of badminton in China has led to a great demand for badminton professionals. College students majoring in physical education have the responsibility and obligation to cultivate sports professionals related to the society. Although most colleges and universities now offer specialized badminton courses for physical education majors, compared with some specialized courses of traditional sports, badminton started late. The purpose of this paper is to study and construct a system for evaluating the teaching ability(TA) of badminton elements in physical education students. This study adopts the methods of literature review, expert interview, questionnaire survey, analytic hierarchy process, and fuzzy multilevel mathematical evaluation. Through the investigation and analysis of the present situation of TA of badminton special students, the index system and evaluation system of TA of badminton special students are preliminarily established. It provides a theoretical and practical basis for further research. The experiment proves that the practical ability of teaching creation accounts for the maximum weight of 0.467 in the evaluation system of TA.


Physical Education Major, Badminton Education and Teaching Ability, Teachers' Teaching Ability Evaluation System, Practical Teaching

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Bo Zhou and Zhou Wang. The Construction of Teaching Ability Evaluation System of Badminton in Physical Education Major. International Journal of Educational Curriculum Management and Research (2023), Vol. 4, Issue 2: 46-51. https://doi.org/10.38007/IJECMR.2023.040206.


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