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International Journal of Educational Innovation and Science, 2021, 2(1); doi: 10.38007/IJEIS.2021.020103.

Deep Integration of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education and Physics Education


Kazuyoshi Yoshii

Corresponding Author:
Kazuyoshi Yoshii

University of Sydney, Australia


With the launch of the “Study of College Students' Innovation and Entrepreneurship Training” and other construction projects, innovation and entrepreneurship education has become a hot issue in current university education research. On the basis of years of teaching practice in physics, aiming at improving the ability of college students to innovate and create, they share the teaching resources of various professions. This paper discusses the exploration and practical experience of the new applied physics major in the past six years from the aspects of professional construction, talent training objectives and training program determination, curriculum system reform and practical teaching construction. It is proposed that the new application major should focus on strengthening the curriculum system construction. Pay attention to the cultivation of students' practical and innovative abilities, so as to better ensure the deep integration of innovation and entrepreneurship education and physics.


Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Professional Education, Curriculum System, Deep Integration

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Kazuyoshi Yoshii. Deep Integration of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education and Physics Education. International Journal of Educational Innovation and Science (2021), Vol. 2, Issue 1: 15-23. https://doi.org/10.38007/IJEIS.2021.020103.


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