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Kinetic Mechanical Engineering, 2021, 2(1); doi: 10.38007/KME.2021.020102.

Information Teaching Mode of Mechanical Drawing in Higher Vocational College Based on Big Data Technology


Moqing Zhang

Corresponding Author:
Moqing Zhang

Jiangxi Teachers College, Jiangxi 335000, China


Mechanical drawing is one of the core courses of mechanical specialty in higher vocational and technical schools. Students learn the basic knowledge of mechanical drawing. Higher vocational students can basically achieve the basic ability of reading paper and using Auto CAD to draw graphics skillfully. In higher vocational and technical schools, the teaching of traditional mechanical drawing course generally adopts mechanical exercises to improve the reading ability and drawing ability of drawings. Students in higher vocational and technical schools lack the initiative to learn theoretical knowledge. In order to improve students' initiative in learning knowledge and improve teachers' teaching effect, the information teaching mode of mechanical drawing in higher vocational colleges based on big data technology is applied to the classroom. By using the video teaching of-micro-class under big data technology, the text content of the textbook is static and boring, which is presented through wonderful pictures, moving pictures or animation. Through the test and evaluation of the effect of mechanical students using micro-class teaching, this paper studies the method of using test questions and questionnaires to compare the results before (60 points) and after use (72 points).250 questionnaires were received to evaluate the effect of micro-class teaching and interview teachers. Finally, it is found that through the use of micro-class teaching, the students generally do not want to think, passive learning, waiting for teachers to learn habits, so that they are willing to learn, active learning, and finally make the quality of teaching and learning in secondary vocational schools can be substantially improved.


Big Data Technology, Mechanical Drawing, Micro Class, Teaching Mode

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Moqing Zhang. Information Teaching Mode of Mechanical Drawing in Higher Vocational College Based on Big Data Technology. Kinetic Mechanical Engineering (2021), Vol. 2, Issue 1: 9-15. https://doi.org/10.38007/KME.2021.020102.


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