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International Journal of World Medicine, 2022, 3(2); doi: 10.38007/IJWM.2022.030202.

Summary of Dihuang Yinzi Treatment of Hepatorenal Yin Deficiency Type Apoplexy


Xi Liu and Haizhe Zhou

Corresponding Author:
Haizhe Zhou

Shaanxi University of Chinese Medicine, Xianyang, China


Rehmannia yinzi is Liu Hejian's name, indications for the stroke, is now more by later doctors for the treatment of cerebrovascular disease stroke, liver and kidney Yin deficiency type.This article discusses the history of apoplexy, the application of rehmannia glutinis in ancient and modern times and the experimental and clinical research.


Rehmannia Decoction Zi, Stroke, Liver Kidney Yin Deficiency, Liu Hejian Pharmacological Study

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Xi Liu and Haizhe Zhou. Summary of Dihuang Yinzi Treatment of Hepatorenal Yin Deficiency Type Apoplexy. International Journal of World Medicine (2022), Vol. 3, Issue 2: 11-18. https://doi.org/10.38007/IJWM.2022.030202.


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