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Distributed Processing System, 2020, 1(2); doi: 10.38007/DPS.2020.010202.

High Performance Computing for Big Data in Distributed Systems


Antonio Cruz Chavez

Corresponding Author:
Antonio Cruz Chavez

Univ Quebec, Ecole Technol Super, Montreal, PQ, Canada


With the continuous progress of high performance computing technology and application technology, high performance computer has been applied more and more widely. This paper focuses on the research and application of high performance computing for big data in distributed systems. This paper first designs a distributed hybrid storage system based on DRAM and SSD, and then implements a phase-consistent strategy to optimize the performance of client-side cache and optimize the read performance through client-side metadata cache. The simulation results show that the system designed in this paper can be applied to the actual production environment.


Big Data, High Performance Computing, Distributed Systems, Meta Data

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Antonio Cruz Chavez. High Performance Computing for Big Data in Distributed Systems. Distributed Processing System (2020), Vol. 1, Issue 2: 10-17. https://doi.org/10.38007/DPS.2020.010202.


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